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Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Place For Our Jewels!

On the hunt for cute jewelry storage for my little girl's 10 year old room up-do...and found so many inspirational pictures..thought you all might enjoy!

This is actually made out of branches from the yard,
spray painted white. Glued into a painted wood block! Very eco-chic!

Beautiful...just super relaxing to look at!
LOVE This one..personal fav for my own dresser..but need other colors!

See how to do this!
You could use anything..chicken wire, twine, yarn..endless possibilities!

Easy DIY! Too cute! Source

Love this too! Especially for the sewers out there!

I would probably paint this a fun color, but who can't find a chair at a garage sale? Wow!

Hope everyone is having a great week~Jennifer

1 comment:

  1. Thanks Jennifer! I needed this one. I have jewelry stuffed in an armoire drawer and strewn all over the bathroom counter and dressing table!