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Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Place For Our Jewels!

On the hunt for cute jewelry storage for my little girl's 10 year old room up-do...and found so many inspirational pictures..thought you all might enjoy!

This is actually made out of branches from the yard,
spray painted white. Glued into a painted wood block! Very eco-chic!

Beautiful...just super relaxing to look at!
LOVE This one..personal fav for my own dresser..but need other colors!

See how to do this!
You could use anything..chicken wire, twine, yarn..endless possibilities!

Easy DIY! Too cute! Source

Love this too! Especially for the sewers out there!

I would probably paint this a fun color, but who can't find a chair at a garage sale? Wow!

Hope everyone is having a great week~Jennifer

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Yes, I am cluttered too..

I hate to admit it, but I will. My life is cluttered. There you have it. I am human. I am just like you. I have stacks of mail right now and what I guess will be hours of filing and sorting to do. Last week I forgot snacks for my daughter's basketball team, and realized, by a few comments and looks of disbelief from my friends, that they had the idea that I have it all figured out...the whole uncluttered, simple living, orderly home thing...nope..I just love the idea of it...the pursuit of it...

See, here is my mail clutter..i am willing to bet I need about 1/3 of this! Now ya'll know one of my dirty secrets! I don't always practice what I preach..usually around holidays:)

Come on, we all know that sick feeling in our stomachs when things are out of control, either in our home or in our schedules, or that "monkey on your back" feeling when you have drawers full of junk, basements full of things you'll never use, or attics splitting at the seams with boxes that you haven't opened in years..I seek simplicity and order because I loathe those feelings...I detest what clutter in my life does to my insides...then it, in turn, affects all relationships that are important to me...and usually the one that suffers the most is the one that I have with my heavenly Father!! the first thing that goes is my quiet time...and that is the one thing I need the most..time with Him! 

Whatever your belief, I feel sure you can relate..clutter just sucks the life right out of us!! We simply get so bogged down in it that we miss much of the joy that each day can bring. So there you have it..I don't have it down to a complete science as of yet, but I work steadily in my home, on my schedule and on my "insides", to keep things simple!!! 

Here are just a few things that I have found helpful on my journey to de~cluttering my life. Hope you enjoy and can use at least one!

1. Wake up 30 minutes before the chaos begins..have your quiet time, prayer, cup of coffee and then get moving!
2. Do not buy anything that you do not LOVE or NEED!..stop the thought process that you have to fill every nook and cranny of your home!
3. Create a Family Communication Center
4. Never leave dishes in the sink at night..if you awaken to clutter, your day is pretty much determined to be just that! (in my experience)
5. Make your bed! (And teach your kids to make nice would it be for them to come home to a neat rom!)
6. Pray before you commit! I'm not saying here that I will pray before I commit to lunch with a friend..but before you commit to anything that may take your time and attention from your family.
7. Sort your mail every day..and be real with yourselves about coupons, catalogs..will you REALLY use them or will they end up in a drawer? Usually the latter!
8. Keep a bin somewhere handy that you can toss things in that no longer belong in your home..then you can sort at a later date..(ie:goodwill, give to friend, consign)
9. Put away laundry before beginning more..and if your children put their own away, help them learn to make it a priority!
10. CHALK BOARDS! Have them, use them!

I have many more..but we can start with these..Now off to sort my mail that got way out of hand over the last month...

Now take a listen to this...She speaks right to me!! De~cluttering is more than just organizing your linen closet and cleaning out the is about getting rid of all that junk INSIDE too! I hope this blesses you as it has me!

Happy Tuesday! Jennifer

Friday, January 6, 2012

Seize The Moment!

Don't you just hate when clutter costs you money? Man, I drives me nuts..I went on a major shopping trip today. Came home and found that I bought some things that I already have..grrr..

I dropped everything and cleaned that bad boy out, the refrigerator, I mean..and his brother the freezer..looked at all expiration dates..toss..toss..toss..

A little wipe down here and there..and wham! I had a clean, clutter free fridge and freezer...sometimes you just can't plan these things..seize the moment when you are frustrated with something and you will purge with gusto as I did! 

Conservation Clutter, that would be..I guess..some things I tossed from the freezer that might have been edible, but, really, am I going to make homed dumplings anytime soon? Or frozen quail that my dear dad gave me a year ago? Don't think so..toss!

So it took me 45 minutes or I had an extra with company coming for dinner? NOT! but now it's done and boy, do it feel good!

Same type of thing happened a few days ago..had been living without my "family communication center" ever since we moved into this house in April...missed it so and I recommend that all my clients have, I got to work and made it happen! No time the the present..and I am so glad I did!! Here is a peak...will feature several on another blog another time..have a great weekend!

I love how it turned out:)