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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Summer Garage Improvement!

Oh my! Summer is off to a great start....busy, but great! Just wanted to quickly post a few photos of a garage I just recently did...a garage inhabited by a busy family and that is often the gathering spot for neighborhood kids. You often will find their parents hanging in the driveway while kids play too......hence important to have balls, riding toys, folding chairs and the like all in arms reach!

We started by removing anything and everything that did not belong in the garage or that the family no longer used or needed. That included paint cans, extra car seats that are rarely used, and beach toys. My rule of thumb for a garage is, if an item is used only once or twice a year, and you usually don't need it in a moment's notice,  then the item does not belong in the garage....just makes sense to it in the basement or attic storage. It is also important to get in the right mindset when purging..get real with the item really used, and would you or your kids miss it?...many times the answer is "no". Another general rule I like to use is to have as little on the floor as helps to keep the floor clean and discourages clutter. One last thing we did in this garage that I loved was to buy a few clear tubs with lids to place on the set of shelves. In there, we placed soft totes and coolers that they may grab on their way to the pool or picnic. The tubs keep things neat and together, and because they are clear, the family can see the contents easily.

Lots of "stuff" piled on the shelves

Old paint cans and things on the floor..just needed a few hooks!

Love these mesh baskets that hold anything from balls to bubbles!

Riding toys have to be on the floor for the little ones...

All dad needed!
Hope you enjoyed the photos! I always love to add some fun...and usually chalk board paint is involved:) Happy Wednesday!