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My Services...How it Works!

My mission is to help families bring peace & balance to their home lives through organization. We will create beautiful, clutter free spaces throughout your home that will allow time & energy for the things in life that REALLY matter!

Why should I hire a Life~Uncluttered?

I will help you develop systems that fit your family’s lifestyle and personality that will, in turn, help you to increase productivity, decrease stress associated with disorganization and help you to gain control over your time and schedules. In addition, I will assist you in de~cluttering your home in order to gain control of your belongings. I will help you and your family to realize the peace & balance that can be achieved in your home lives through organization.

What can I expect from Life~Uncluttered?

We will schedule an initial consultation to discuss your problem areas, look at the space you have available to work with, talk over your goals and set your organizing priorities. A plan, with your personality and lifestyle in mind, will be developed to satisfy your needs and goals. You can then decide whether you would like to implement the plan yourself, have us work together, or have Life~Uncluttered handle it from beginning to end. The choice is yours!

How much do you charge?

I charge a flat, hourly fee for time spent meeting with you assessing your needs. If you choose to move forward with my services, I will apply an hour of your assessment fee towards my time in planning and implementing a personal organization strategy for you. You will also reimburse me for the cost of items, agreed upon together, that are purchased to meet your organizing goals.

How long does it take?

The answer to this question is based on several things. How quickly can you make decisions? How large of a job we are undertaking? Do you prefer to implement the plan all at once or in several phases? And what, if any, deadlines we are trying to meet?

Target Areas

Attic and basements
Bedrooms and bathrooms
Clutter control
Family “Command Center”
Filing systems that work for you
Home offices
Home sale preparation
Kitchens and pantries
Memorabilia and photo storage
Paper flow management
Storage solutions

****I will also assist you in donating to and consigning with some great worthwhile organizations in your area..amazing what our extra “stuff” may mean to someone else!