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Friday, January 6, 2012

Seize The Moment!

Don't you just hate when clutter costs you money? Man, I drives me nuts..I went on a major shopping trip today. Came home and found that I bought some things that I already have..grrr..

I dropped everything and cleaned that bad boy out, the refrigerator, I mean..and his brother the freezer..looked at all expiration dates..toss..toss..toss..

A little wipe down here and there..and wham! I had a clean, clutter free fridge and freezer...sometimes you just can't plan these things..seize the moment when you are frustrated with something and you will purge with gusto as I did! 

Conservation Clutter, that would be..I guess..some things I tossed from the freezer that might have been edible, but, really, am I going to make homed dumplings anytime soon? Or frozen quail that my dear dad gave me a year ago? Don't think so..toss!

So it took me 45 minutes or I had an extra with company coming for dinner? NOT! but now it's done and boy, do it feel good!

Same type of thing happened a few days ago..had been living without my "family communication center" ever since we moved into this house in April...missed it so and I recommend that all my clients have, I got to work and made it happen! No time the the present..and I am so glad I did!! Here is a peak...will feature several on another blog another time..have a great weekend!

I love how it turned out:)


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