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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Breathing Room

I just looked out my window to see one of my dear friends pulling out of the driveway to take her second of 7 off to college..and her ONLY girl. Maggie. Beautiful girl child that has loved on my children and many others since the day that we met her. As I began to pray for them to have a safe, blessed, beautiful day, it hit me. Not like a brick, but like a soft pillow...gentle but noticeable. That’s going to be us in just 6 short years. Wow. We all know the day comes when you give your children wings and they fly. But to watch that car pull out this am, knowing and loving the people inside, moved me to a deeper thought of the day that it will be us. Immediately, The Lord said to me,”This is why you are doing what you are doing...this is why you are being intentional in the education of your girls...and this is why you are pouring into them each day, until you are often overcome with that one day, when you may pull out of your driveway headed towards college and adulthood, they will be ready...ready with the full armour of ME, ready to face the world, make an impact in the Kingdom, and show the world who I am by the way that they live out their lives.” That was my word from Him this morning...

And that is why I haven’t written for Life~Uncluttered for an entire year. As a family, we were de~cluttering within. You see, last year, about this time, we stepped out in faith and took the road less traveled in our parts...a hybrid school of sorts...where the girls went to a Christ centered academy for 2 days, and homeschooled the other 3 days a week. It was something we were intrigued by, felt being led to try, so we went for it....and are we glad we did. For our family, it was spot on. God knew exactly what we needed and it was one of the best academic and familial years of our lives. I’ve talked before on this blog about the fact that being “organized” and “uncluttered” is about way more that paper stacks, junk drawers and attics. It’s about LIFE! Now don’t get me wrong, ya’ll know I love to tackle me some junk drawers and paper stacks...but if your very existance, your heart, your mind, your body, your time, are cluttered, no amount of purging, sorting and filing will be an adequate fix. So this past year, for us, has been just attempt to slow it down, unclutter our hearts, minds and schedules...and a time to regroup and decide what to let into our lives. So as it is with physical clutter, what comes into our house or car or office must have a home, a place where you know that it lives. But even more essential to an uncluttered and restful life, anything that you “let in” to your heart, mind and schedule, must also have a home..there MUST be room for it...or it will look just like your worst junk know the one that makes you cringe when you open it, worrying that something may jump out at you.

So as you all begin a new academic year, my prayer is, for those of us that seek physical order in our homes, that we may take some time to look inside and begin to unclutter there...and take a real good honest look at how and where we spend our time....As a family we found that once we uncluttered the schedule a bit, we had the breathing room to see the work that needed to be done on the inside...I pray the same for you. 

For those that have messaged that you missed the blog, my hope is to write more often...but only if there is “room”!

For He is not a God of confusion and disorder but of peace and order.
1 Corinthians 14:33