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Sunday, April 15, 2012

A Sabbath Space

So, it's been awhile...funny this is called "life~uncluttered", cause I've been a little cluttered myself. My move a year ago coupled with all the work that we've had done to the house, and the fact that I piled on too many commitments, has made my blogging take back seat. Who knew I loved writing? And how I have missed it so. Maybe it is the subject matter that I really am passionate about...all that aside, I hope to be back more regularly, and have adjusted my self expectations to once a week writing...hope that's good for you....and hope I can meet my new goal.

If you are looking for concrete organizing ideas in this one, I apologize. Dare I say, though, that this topic is far more important than any bin, basket, hook or closet space.

I am nearing the end of an amazing bible study/book reading of the Resolution For Women, by Priscilla Shirer with some truly amazing women. A chapter that we just finished reading and discussing this week was titled "Sabbath Spaces". In a jist, it was about intentional time set aside for rest, rejuvenation, and time to reflect...but not only that. To my very pleasant surprise, she spoke of actual Sabbath "Space". I know, for myself and my family, that having an organized, clutter free home is something definitely of spiritual matter. Come on y'all, we all know that grace, patience, kindness and gentleness are NOT virtues we exude when we are knee high in stuff and clutter. To put it in my own words would be a mute point, because Priscilla Shirer did it so well.

She says "in order to protect ourselves from being controlled and enslaved by our chaos, we must become women who intentionally create "Sabbath Spaces"- margin in our lives (and homes) that are left purposefully clean and clear...failure to do so will only create more bondage".I, for one, desire to absolutely be free to live and love with NO bondage...and you?

She goes on to say that "as easy as it is for our calendars to be overrun with responsibilities, our own homes can also turn into pits of clutter and chaos, causing them to fell like less of a haven and more like a dungeon we want to get out of". I, for one, want my home to feel like a haven, a refuge from the nutty world out there...a place where my family and friends can come and relax. Shoot, I want it to be a place where I can relax...there's a good The ladies of the house? Relax? Well, I am here to say that if you will work to create the "Sabbath Space" in your home and schedules, you can do it too...

Work this week to look around. Where does your family spend the most time? That's where you may want to start. And start small if the task seems overwhelming. For gosh sakes, just having the kitchen table clear may be all you can do one day...or the garage cleaned out enough to park one car. Just begin to create a few Sabbath Spaces. You"ll get hooked....I promise.

Here are a few more thoughts to help you get started:

For a moment, put yourself in your husband's shoes ( if married). Many of these guys have stressful dog eat dog jobs out there. We need them to look forward to stepping through those doors where they can take a deep breath and just, be...
Same for the is stressful, chaotic at times and full of's never too early to teach the kids the importance of their own lives and spaces to be less cluttered...their bedrooms should be a place of their own,.,their "Sabbath Space". You get the point.
Maybe you should start in the master bedroom...This is one of the first rooms I advise people to work on. This is a space I believe should be pretty, and special. Simply close your eyes and imagine the room you would like it to be and go for it...just because guests may not see it doesn't mean it shouldn't be free of junk and stuff. WE know it's there and it messes with us on the insides...just like loaded down drawers and basements...

I hope this has given you a glimpse of what it is that makes my passion for organizing and living simply so fierce. I know from personal experience and from working with people on projects, it changes you. On the insides. You have a choice. Clutter and chaos or simplicity and order. Or a mixture of the 2, which happens to the best of us at times:) next post, I promise, will have photos! Thanks for reading this far down..I know I was long winded.


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