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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Laundry Love!

Hello all! Been a few days since I've posted..getting ready for some R&R is hard work (yep, headed for somewhere tropical in a matter of days..Thank you, Jesus!).....So Last week I worked with a wonderful client on her unfinished basement area. She is a mommy of 2 little ones and another on the way any day now! What a pleasure she was to work with. After our initial consult, I sent her a "to do and buy list" before our work day and she had it all bought and ready when I arrived! Talk about motivation! We worked diligently with the help of her mother and MIL (WOW!!!) for just 3 hours and had it looking ship shape! She is a creative type and has worked on her own to finish the project! Will post photos soon!

This leads me to my post tonight...As I am leaving her gorgeous home, I happened to walk by her laundry/mudroom...As for most of us, it is somewhat a "catch all" room. (ie general dumping ground, family planning center, animal area, arts and craft storage, space for entertaining essentials). One can see that this could easily be a problem area when it comes to organization! While this is true, it IS possible to get a handle on this tricky space! Keep in mind that it should not be overlooked in style and "pretty" level! After all, we tend to spend a lot of time here..even if we don't "stay" in the room for extended periods of time, if you are like me, I might walk in or by there at least 15 times a day! Here are a few tips to lessen your "I don't want to go in or by there" thoughts!

Ahhh...we could all handle one like this, huh? Love the curtains on a tension rod to conceal!

~Choose a serene color and paint those walls! Make it a color you love, but one that calms you!

~Conceal ugly items, either in cabinets, baskets or containers...and as always, pretty ones!

~Utilize all areas that you can! No space wasted, but don't overcrowd! (This is where I come in handy)

~If you have front loaders, have a shelf built over them for a large work area..I plan on calling Mr. Phil in for this very soon! (I know a great guy that does GREAT work)

~Make sure there is good lighting. If no window, and budget allows, put in a pretty overhead light. In my new house, there is currently a fluorescent..that bad boy is coming down as soon as possible to be replaced by a light that makes me smile!

~If your laundry room serves several purposes, do your best to designate spaces for each.

~Use family photos or art on the walls as you would in any other room.

Here are just a few more photos to inspire you! All compliments of "Southern Living". 
Even a small space can be simplified!

Window treatments, counter top and baskets!

Love the color and the "built in" look!
Think this is the design I'm going for in my own...If you are reading, Phil, here it is:)
Good night all! I don't know about you, but i am ready to get mine completed..Note to Mr. Phil!

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