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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I am Hooked on Hooks!

Can one really have too many? There are uses in every room (and outdoor living space for that matter) in your home..I have them by the doors for keys and flashlights, in a hallway for purses, backpacks and leashes, in the bathroom for towels, closet for belts and jewelry......I could go on and on! You get the point though..they can hold anything that needs to be readily accessible and they keep your drawers, countertops and floors free from clutter! They can also serve as great decor!

Here are some of my favorite photos showing off their hooks!! I find lots of these photos on pinterest. Follow me on pinterest here, and you can see where these come from! The best thing about using hooks is that you can find fun, attractive hooks these days without breaking the bank..I buy lots of mine at Hobby Lobby (1/2 price of course), World Market and some at antique malls! 
I love this! I have started my on "fav" hook collection to do this in my long hallway!

This is the beginning of my own collection for my "hallway of hooks"! Will post when up!  Going for the very random look, so I just pick one up when I happen upon something that I love!

Love the randomness!
Chevron design stenciled easy DIY idea!

What a great idea here! Lace stencil on the wall with hooks for jewelry! 
And who said getting and staying organized is not fun? Certainly not me!

Do I  have YOU hooked?

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