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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Some Garage Inspiration to Get Your "Wheels Turning"

Ok, so how many of us have garages that look like this? I don't, but wow, would I love if I could pull in after running around in a frenzy all day and see this!..Ok, so maybe this is only how Martha Stewart's garage looks, but we can go for something close, right? I love that the walls are painted...we should try and treat our garages as an extension of our homes, right? After all, our dearly beloved cars sleep in there...Who is with me? Fall is a great time to go for it!

Ok, so this next picture has...yes, white walls like the vast majority of us. BUT, notice the similarity..Nothing much is on the floor..Love that. You can then actually sweep all of the nasties away! The other thing that makes these garages look so neat is the continuity of shelving type..When you have a bunch of mis matched types of shelving, it is just naturally not as pleasing to the eye..causing things to always look disorderly..

So how did I do for my first Life~Uncluttered Blog? Did it get your "wheels turning" about what you can do in your garage? Now I just need to see about getting some followers! Off to bed..Going to The Beacon of Hope tomorrow to help organize staff spaces!