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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

How a sick child can be a beautiful thing...

Isn't it a beautiful thing....we have our crazy day planned out..gym, ladies group, grocery store, bill paying, laundry...all things that seem pressing..and THEN...something happens..a sick or injured child, a friend in need, lost keys...whatever. After a moment of panic, you realize, that we CAN slow our lives down. We CAN stop dead in our tracks. Has it occurred to you, as it has for me today, that we should not wait until something "happens"? Our endless "to do" lists don't always have to get done, do they? You see, today, I am at home with a sick child, and I had a "list" today.... But, instead, I all morning, I have happily been by her side rubbing her head, holding back her hair, and tending to her every need. I have been right where I need to be..Feeling VERY un~cluttered, and not worried a bit by my to do list! (Until tomorrow) My challenge to myself, and to all that bother to read this is: Let's try and un~clutter our schedules a bit every now and then. Our culture tells us to go go go..spend spend spend, do do do. All the while we run around with knots in the pits of our stomachs hurrying from here to there so that we can fit it all in. I want to raise my kids knowing how to stop and smell the roses, not just see them as we wiz by them! I want them to know how to sit on the back porch swing and just talk, how to love stillness and quiet, and more importantly, how to stop dead in their tracks to help and love on someone that needs them. You see, part of being un~cluttered on the outside MUST begin with un~cluttering ourselves on the inside. So are you with me? Let's help ourselves, and this next generation to grow up with a head start on the de~cluttering process!!!

"A porch without a swing is like tea without the sweet..."in honor of my mother, who taught me to love swings, sweet tea, and screened doors!

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